Caravana de Llamas
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Imagen de Caravana de LlamasThe llama forms part of Jujuy's cultural heritage. They are not animals used for riding but rather for the transport of necessary equipment and baggage for a variety of trips, including overnights in different localities across Quebrada and Puna such as Cerro chico, Tilcara, Salinas Grandes, Pucará de Juella or Maimará .

Excursions include short walks and opportunities to enjoy beautiful sites from various lookouts; there are also options for longer excursions that last several days in which guests have the chance to visit different communities.

The diversity in the options offered allows people from all walks of life to participate and enjoy this ancestral activity.

The adventure begins within the corral, where guests will be able to participate in different caravanero activities: Chayakuy (ritual to bless the voyage), Señalakuy (choosing of llamas), shearing, combing, taming and bathing of the llamas.

Services included:

-The finest foods, using delicious and nutritious regional products

- First rate camping equipment: chairs, tables, fold out beds, tents, etc... all of which is made for easy transport by the llamas.